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bought these for my home office to light up the back of my computer monitor and desk, they're so bright and lots of nice color choices, im also surprised with the range of the lil remote that it comes with, very good quality and im very happy

Mary G

These are the best gifts ever. I couldn't live without ours in every bathroom. My first one was given to me as a party favor by a friend with a great sense of humor and we LOVE it. I've given one to my son and three friends. They LOVE it. My boyfriend loves it. Everyone loves it. You don't need to be jarred into full wakefulness up at night by turning on the bathroom light! It's motion activated and a gentle colored light. Easy to go back to sleep.

Stephanie C

Awesome! Seriously... this thing is SO kid friendly!
We fight regularly to keep night lights in the hallway but our little dude ALWAYS gets to them... and pulls them out of the wall... and then they end up on a dresser... and we always forget to put them back in... its a vicious cycle, really.. it is.
Installing was simple - just make sure the bozos who installed your electrical outlet (sorry if you did it) installed them the correct way (ground down). The bozo that installed ours liked all outlets ground UP - which is so annoying. Thankfully its an easy fix. But we're not going to fix all 489 outlets in our house now... just when we need to. ANYHOO... rant over.

Diego L