Ultra Bright Outdoor Solar Floodlights | 3600LM | Industrial Grade

Save $130.00

Looking for a Super Bright Heavy Duty Reliable Solar Light Solution? Well, look no further..

After years of extensive market & product research as well as carefully studying just about every existing home and garden solar light product on the market.

We've meticulously developed the absolute genuine answer to all green-living homeowner’s prayers, as well as offering a viable, dependable and functional outdoor light solution to those remote areas with limited access to power such as construction sites, home cabins, barns, etc.

A solar light unlike any other! Inspired by rugged industrial designs, this high powered solar light is made from the same durable alloy materials and with the same true Effective Output Lumen LED Technology found in your typical modern LED street city lights, making it superior in both year-round performance and durability, regardless of the weather conditions!

So whether you live in Arizona or Alaska, you can count on this bad boy to perform and exceed your expectations every day for years to come! this is far from your traditional outdoor solar floodlights / garage solar security lights found in your local home depot.

Our latest design is engineered to outlast and outperform anything on today's market in its class by miles! revolutionizing the way traditional home and garden solar lights are known to the mass public, by introducing heavy duty circuitry and LED components that are exclusive and only available in commercial / industrial grade type solutions, all while being affordable!

Power Options | Battery Capacity:

  • 10W producing an Effective 1500 Lumens | 4400MAH Li-ion Battery
  • 30W producing an Effective 3600 Lumens | 8800MAH Li-ion Battery
  • 50W producing an Effective 6000 Lumens | 8800MAH Li-ion Battery 

Solar Panel:

The Solar Panel is also made from the same Polycrystalline type as those used in expensive home solar systems, housed in an aluminum frame for durability with a built-in junction control box.


Sensor: Adjustable Wide Angle PIR Motion Sensor 180
Wattage: 10W | 30W
Lumens: 1500 Lumens | 3600 Lumens
LED Chip Type: High Powered True Lumens 2835 Chip
Beam angle: 120 degree
Product Size: 10W 135X158X145mm | 30W 205X190X109mm
Net Weight: 10W 1.7 Lbs | 30W 3.2Lbs
Package Included: 1X Solar Floodlight | 1X Sensor | 1X Set of Mounting Screws | 1X Mounting Bracket
Sensor Adjustable: Yes ( Time / Sensitivity / Lighting )


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